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Sound and Vision is a creative agency specialising in content marketing for pro-audio. What makes us unique is our profound knowledge of  music technology paired with strong marketing skills.

Video content

It's now more important than ever to have regular short and long form video content. Thanks to the power of reels, brands can now leverage and connect with their community daily using bitesize content.

Written editorial

Long and short form written content still hold huge power when it comes to organic growth and brand awareness. Response, static & pillar posts combined with solid SEO is crucial for growth.

Lead generation

Building a fanbase can be tricky, and slow. We sustain and grow communities by utilising many mediums of lead generation, from newsletters to podcasts, live streams to user generated content and more.

Monthly content plans

Plans are subjective and dependant on each individual brands needs and requirements.

Editorial package

£ 750
Per Month
  • 3 response posts (1000 words)
  • 2 staple posts (2000 words)
  • 1 pillar post (3000 words)


£ 2000
Per Month
  • X3 written features
  • x4 long form videos
  • x12 reel videos
  • Podcast OR newsletter OR interactive live

Video package

£ 1000
Per Month
  • x12 reel videos
  • x4 long form videos
  • Interactive live event

Case study

Sample Tools by Cr2 - monthly content plan

x4 producer cast videos

Sample Tools came to use with the vision to create monthly tutorial type videos using their products alongside helpful tips and tricks for producing and sound design.

x8 reel videos

During the consultation stage we decided a collection of shorter reels would be a great tool for organic growth and value. Viewers can save IG/TikTok shorts and revisit later.

x3 written features

Releasing one response, staple and pillar post is a tried and tested form of editorial which exponentially boosts site growth and SEO ranking.

Lead generators

A simple monthly newsletter ensured a roundup of each months content. Providing Sample Tools By Cr2 customers with a collection of resources and noteworthy promotions.

Sample Tools By CR2

Monthly KPI's.

1 %
new customers
1 %
viewership increase
1 %
combined subscribers

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