Sound and Vision

Sound and Vision is a production company based in Northumberland, United Kingdom. Founded by Brent March in 2017 with the aim to provide audio, visual and content solutions for artists, TV/film and brands.


Brent March (BMus) is a UK-based composer, producer and brand ambassador, best known for his work with various independent labels, Warner Chappell Publishing and pro-audio brands. He also co-founded (based in The Netherlands) with good friend and business partner Jeffrey Muller by then expanding further with online education, label, publishing and e-commerce –

Brent’s style blends alternative pop, nu-jazz and cinematic soundscapes to create and explore new tonal horizons. Originally coming from a guitar based background before discovering a passion for synthesisers and orchestral music, his broad creative and technical skillset with influences from a diverse range of musical styles are apparent in his work.

Having also worked as a brand content developer, Brent’s knowledge of video, motion graphics and online marketing has proven invaluable for his growth in the music and pro-audio industry. 



Loops and Demo's

Prime Loops

Construction Kits


Preset & Sound Design

Working alongside some of the most exciting and acclaimed independent sound labels is a truly rewarding experience. We’ve been fortunate enough to ghost-write and collaborate for some of the biggest Billboard charting tracks in Pop, Dance and R&B/Hip Hop. 

Releases include: Justin Bieber, Men I Trust, Yellow Days & Sigur Ros.


Music Licensing

Since 2019 we have been working with Harmony Music Libraries, exclusively licensing music for Warner Chappell Publishing. We have composed sound tracks, underscore and trailer cues for many TV, advertising and film houses. Credits include: Love Island, Tenet, 1917, Top Gun and many more. We have also worked with Sony (EMI/APM), BMG and Universal Music Group. 

Custom Music

In addition to our continued output of sync licensable tracks we also offer custom music creation. Some of these clients have included music for VCV Sound Stage promo and Nika nominated Independent film, Messà. We continue to work under the representation of ad, tv and video games agencies.

Albums & Cues.


Marketing | Review/Demo | Tutorials

At Sound and Vision we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the music tech business, and continue to endorse new, exciting and innovative brands. We work directly with companies as well as through agencies: Inside Audio, Production Expert & Sociatech handling content creation, strategy, end-to-end video production, motion graphics, audio and events.