Audiovisual production studio

Sound and Vision is a creative agency specialising in content marketing for pro-audio and production music for sync licensing. What makes us unique is our profound knowledge of  music technology paired with strong marketing skills.

Music Production

We work with several labels that publish our music for use in TV, film and advertising. Our music has been used across the globe in feature films, TV series and big brand marketing campaigns.

Video Production

Our end-to-end video production includes everything from concept to shooting, grading, design and more. Whether on location or creating content from our studio, we have the very best equipment for your brand.

Content Channels

A great product is nothing without great content, and content can mean many things. We can provide product walkthroughs, tutorials, social shorts, livestreams, courses, reviews and much more.

Media and PR

Over the years we've built long lasting relationships with some of the biggest names in music-tech publishing. From Reverb to Music Tech, Inside Audio, ADSR, Production Expert and more.


Over the past five years we’ve developed our catalogue alongside Shutterstock, Warner Chappell, EMI and BMG publishing. Below are just some of the many placements we’ve cut.


Over the past five years we’ve worked on hundreds of projects, and built long lasting relationships with clients that we value and care about. Explore just some of our work below. 

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